About Us

BALAJI PRESSURE VESSELS LIMITEIE was established in Hyderabad in the year 1982 and has been a leading engineering industry rolling out pressure vessels under stringent quality specifications and with strict conformance to C.C.O.E. regulations and rules. Our quality systems are certified under ISO 9002 by Bureau of Indian Standards.

BALAJI PRESSURE VESSELS LIMITEIE as a part of our diversification programme, have ventured into few new areas of manufacturing and “Transformer Radiators” are one of them. We have developed full infrastructure required for rolling out “Quality Radiators” in conformance to DIN EN – 50216 – 6 (DIN 42559 Revised).

BALAJI PRESSURE VESSELS LIMITEIE has always been powered by a team of highly motivated technical persons committed to fulfil the ever – increasing requirements of the customer and secure his ” Full satisfaction and delight”.

BALAJI PRESSURE VESSELS LIMITEIE is poised for a rapid growth and can ever add infrastructural facilities to suit the requirements of the customer. This is in tune with our Objective on Quality of our products.

Product Profiling

At BALAJI PRESSURE VESSELS LIMITFP radiators are manufactured from high grade low carbon CRCA strips.

On our low heat resistance “Seam welding machine” radiator panels are seam welded. Full welding and assembly of radiators are done by qualified personnel.

All the radiators are pressure tested to required pressure & time duration. We use new technologies for continuous development on profiling & tooling for the best possible results. Radiator surfaces are grit blasted in a specially constructed grit blasting chamber.

We apply two coats of Red-oxide zinc chromate primer to the DFT as specified by the customer. Another two coats of finish paint to required DFT is also applied.

The inside surface of the radiators are flushed with hot oil resistant phenolic varnish to provide a protective screen between transformer’s oil & bare material.

We have in-house facility for Arc spray galvanising and arrangments for hot dip galvanising.

Quality Plan

The quality plan covers the total gamut of activities right from selection of vendors, production process and delivery.

Quality Policy

We at BALAJI PRESSURE VESSELS LIMITED shall strive as a team to be in the forefront of TRANSFORMER RADIATOR manufacturers by fulfilling the customer’s needs and requirements on time, every time. We shall adopt innovative methods to enhance the efficiency and productivity in our processes on a continual basis for the benefit of all stakeholders.

General Test

All the radiators are pressure tested for leak proofness, at 2Kg/CM2 for a duration of 30 minutes or as per customer specification.

Product Range/ Dimensions

We make different types of radiators of 226mm, 300mm, 520mm widths.

These radiators are manufactured within a range of centre distance from 500mm to 3000mm in steps of 100mm.