Quality Standards

We manufacture cylinders as per the following standards and specifications.

  • Australian standards
  • British standards
  • Bureau of Indian standards
  • D.O.T standards
  • I.S.O. Standards
  • Jordan standards
  • Oman Standards
  • Any other International standards as per customer requirements.

Range of Cylinders

The standard sizes of our cylinders range from 5 kg to 50 kg capacity. We also supply custom sized cylinders for those of our users who need them.

Foot Rings

Fitted below the cylinders, foot rings act as a standing platform for the gas vessel. A foot ring is designed to take the weight of the cylinder and to prevent its contact with the floor.

Various Components of the Cylinder

Propane. Butane. Freon and LPG Cylinders

LPG needs to be bottled in specially designed vessels for transportation due to its explosive nature. Accidents could be life threatening. Hence.

Special emphasis has been placed on safety regulations, system design. Handling, etc. A cylinder (also known as a Bottle) is basically a Pressure Vessel. LPG is stored in these vessels under high pressure in liquid form, and distributed to households, institutions and other consumers like workshops, factories, hotels etc.

Valve Protection Shroud

This ring is designed to protect the valve and the regulator from direct impact. It also provides a means for carrying the cylinders. There are many different types of shrouds designed for use in various countries. The construction of the shroud is with M.S Plates, rounds and pipes with markings & designs as desired by the customer.

Cylinder Body

The Cylinder body is carefully designed and fabricated out of special grade steel. This is the main gas storage container. Construction of weld is by submerged welding process or shielded gas welding with a very high degree of penetration.


Organisation & Man power

Balaji Pressure Vessels Limited has its own in-house Design, Quality Control, Maintenance, and Production departments. Due to periodic technological upgrades, the existing technical manpower is adequate to meet the ever-increasing production levels. The plant has General Managers, Maintenance Engineers, Quality Control Engineers, Supervisors and Administrative Staff, apart from Workers.

Land and Building

Balaji Pressure Vessels Limited is located in Phase IV of the leedimetla Industrial Development Area, a prime industrial estate of Hyderabad. The factory site Is located at the extreme end of the first main road and is surrounded by a number of industrial units. The total size of the land is about 4 acres or 18,634 sq. yards. We have all the machinery required for the manufacturing of LPG cylinders, producing 6 lakhs cylinders per year on a single shift basis. The machinery was acquired over a period of time since the inception of the plant in 1982. The machinery is installed in strategic locations in the factory to facilitate smooth production.